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18 DEC

Mumble Xmas Party

There are graduation parties, your partner’s birthday, marriages of people who have made your life special and then, there are those events you really want to attend just because you care about them. Seriously. Since everybody seems to be kinder at Christmas, Mumble wants to be just as kind. So, we’ve planned a private party, hosted in one of the coolest places in Modena! We’d really appreciate it if you could come join us and make the evening even more unforgettable. 

We’ll provide a buffet, a good drink, and cool music. All you have to do is to bring a bit of holiday cheer, spend time with us, and do some healthy networking–Emilian style.


Apple Special Event

Are you an Apple lover or just a tech enthusiast? At Mumble, we broadcast the live Apple keynote with pizza, beer, and networking afterwards. Come join us and watch the Apple event, during which Tim Cook will present the world with the technological innovations and software of the Cupertino tech company! 

Admission starts at 6:30 PM, so book now!

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