Conversion rate is one of the most important aspects of any business success. Nowadays, it’s become increasingly difficult to convert users into customers or simply nudge them to take the action you suggest to them. Marketers need to adopt several different strategies for any stage of users’ life cycle by paying attention to their specific needs, pain points, and behavior. In this article, we’ve delved into plenty of strategies for customer life cycle marketing!

Anybody knows that today our lives revolve around our mobile phones. Thanks to these valuable devices, we’ve got almost everything at our fingertips and are able to perform thousands of actions. Obviously, marketers know it too and do their best to exploit mobile marketing’s power! Users are constantly targeted with tons of ads, information, and content from any existing channel and brand.

push notification for converting users

That’s why it’s extremely difficult to convert and engage users. But don’t worry! We’ve come up with 13 conversion rate optimization strategies that will boost your business!

But, first, let me explain what conversion rate is.


What do we mean by conversion rate?

I know, it may seem a tricky concept, but don’t let it scare you! There’s no need for it.

Conversion rate represents one of the most effective elements to assess your marketing campaigns’ performance. Indeed, conversion rate reveals how many people you’ve been able to convince to do what you want them to. We could say that the higher your mobile app conversion rate, the better your marketing strategies.

In a nutshell, conversion rate describes the share of users of your mobile app or landing page who convert (aka take the action you’ve suggested them to). There are actually lots of different types of conversions because they depend on your business goals. Some of the most common are the following:

  • buying a product or service;
  • filling out a form (ex.: a contact form);
  • signing up for a subscription;
  • signing up to your app;
  • downloading a digital product (like a software trial, an eBook, a white paper, etc.);
  • making use of your product (new features on your app or simply using your app for a given amount of time);
  • upgrading their subscription or app;
  • engaging with your app in multiple ways (consider users’ time on the app, repeat launches, visited sections, and so on).


Why is conversion rate important?

By now, I guess you know that conversion rate is crucial to understand whether your marketing strategies are successful or not. As we’ve already said, there can be different kinds of conversion actions. It’s important to measure the number of users who take a specific conversion action to identify valuable users. This information is also useful to streamline your marketing campaigns and better engage users.

Besides, conversion rate analysis may contribute to figuring out some relevant aspects like the most successful channels for promoting your app, the effectiveness of your CTAs and copy, the usefulness of your app’s onboarding process, etc. At the same time, if you find out that your mobile app conversion rate is too low, you may check if some elements, like your app’s UX and payment process, need to be improved.


13 strategies to boost your mobile app conversion rate

1. Make your app’s UI user-friendly to enhance UX

It’s extremely important to create an intuitive UI for your app, trying to avoid complex elements that may annoy users. Focus on the actions you want users to take and guide them towards their completion. If users get stuck or confused, then they may close your app and, maybe, never reopen it again. That’s why you should create a simple UI for your app, to enhance UX. Users should be satisfied with your app and enjoy all the benefits they were looking for. This way, you’ll enhance conversion rate optimization.

2. Impress users with an amazing onboarding experience

The onboarding process revolves around showing your app’s most relevant features and value to users.

onboarding tutorial

You should teach them how they can benefit from using your app in a few and simple steps. The first time users launch your app, they need to be told how to use it and take advantage of it. Here no mistakes are allowed. You MUST make a great first impression. User should think: “Wow! That’s what I really wanted!”

Ok, but how can I create an amazing onboarding process? I think this article will help you with that! Another simple rule you should follow is this one: do A/B tests again and again. They allow you to collect and analyze useful data as well as discover what triggers users to perform the action you suggest to them. This plays a crucial role in conversion rate optimization!

3. Highlight your value proposition

Focus on showing users the value of your mobile app and products. Make sure to clearly convey your value proposition in any section of your app. How can you do it? First, you need to get to know your target audience and buyer persona. After you’ve figured out their problems, needs, and interests, you can write a kind of copy suitable to your users.

A really effective strategy to communicate value is to focus on the benefits users will receive by using your app. Underline how your product can solve their problems, rather than talking about its features. This way, users will think about how they could take advantage of your app. And they’ll be more likely to convert, boosting your conversion rate!

4. Customize messages for your users

Remember the old days when you entered a local shop and shopkeepers greeted you by name? You may think that they’re long gone, but it’s not true. These attitudes have evolved with the digital age and new technologies. Today marketers can send personalized push notifications and in-app messages to users based on their purchase history, searched-for products, needs, and actions in the app. By gathering all this data, you have the chance to engage users and improve your conversion rate optimization! Can’t come up with the perfect text for your push notification? Here you’ll find lots of templates to get inspired!

Send customized messages to users based on their needs and wants to entice them with your offers and discounts. This will make them feel special and they’ll be more likely to become loyal to your brand. It’s also important to reach the right users at the right time, as we’ve explained here! These are all good conversion rate optimization strategies.

5. Implement push notifications

Push notifications are a successful communication channel you should absolutely leverage for your conversion rate optimization. Indeed, push notifications contribute to further engaging users and nudging them to act as you want them to. Through this tool, you can reach users while they’re not using your app to push them to take some actions within it. Would you like to know more about push notifications’ best practices? Read this article to become a pro!

Want to know another reason why you shouldn’t do without push notifications? Location-based marketing is the answer! Indeed, you can send users customized push notifications based on their changing location. This way, you can target them with special offers to entice them to do what you want them to. These are perfect conversion rate optimization strategies!

6. Create effective CTAs

CTAs highly contribute to conversion rate optimization. Why? Because CTAs are short and simple sentences that prompt users to take a specific action. You see? They’re closely linked with conversion rate!

To make the most out of this tool, create clear and straightforward CTAs. You should never get users confused! Remember: your goal is to nudge them to do what you want them to.

Adding CTAs to your push notifications or in-app messages is another great conversion rate optimization strategy. Here’s an example!

push notification with discount

7. Leverage your social media channels

Your social media channels allow you to further and constantly engage with your target audience. You can promote interesting facts, high-quality content, special offers and discounts, contests, giveaways, and the like. This way, you’ll also have a better chance to increase your conversion rate.

You can also combine social media with push notifications to send highly customized messages to users. How? By leveraging users’ location, for example, through geofencing! You see? There are loads of successful conversion rate optimization strategies you can exploit!

8. Display customer reviews

Customer reviews deeply influence (potential) customers’ behavior. They also play a key role in your conversion rate optimization. Indeed, most users hesitate to buy any product if no one has reviewed it. So, customer reviews have a strong impact on people’s buying decisions. Got it? For this reason, you should make your best to have a good reputation.

You can prompt your loyal customers to give you feedback and share it on social media.

loyal customer discount

This way, other users will be more likely to trust your brandAnd your conversion rate may increase! Make sure your app’s reviews are easily accessible. Users want proof that your app is valuable.

9. Make sign-up and purchase simple and fast

A smooth and super-fast checkout process is the key to a higher conversion rate. Instead, if it takes too long for users to buy something, then they may change their mind. And you risk losing customers! That’s what you MUST avoid. To make the purchase process simple and pain-free, you should:

  • enable guest checkouts;
  • enable many social logins;
  • offer several different payment methods.

As for a smooth sign-up process, make sure to follow rules similar to those for a quick payment process. Enable many social logins so that users aren’t forced to create a new account. And ask them for extremely relevant information only. You’ll have time to get to know your users better and collect more information about them later on. Bear in mind these useful conversion rate optimization strategies!

10. Focus on cross-selling and upselling

Increasing the revenue your mobile app generates can be difficult, but cross-selling and upselling may really help you a lot. They’re also great conversion rate optimization strategies!

After users purchase your products, you can spur them to buy other related products to make more money. This is called cross-selling. Based on users’ purchase history, you can also send them a push notification to offer them a more expensive product. In this case, you need to highlight the benefits users could derive from that specific product. Oh, and enhance its value in comparison to cheaper versions. This is upselling.

Both cross-selling and upselling contribute to increasing your mobile app conversion rate. Indeed, these strategies encourage users to perform the conversion action you suggest them to.

11. Reduce cart abandonment rate

It happens all the time. Users fill their cart with several products and, then, what? They don’t complete their purchase. What might have happened? Do they find a cheaper solution from a competitor? Is your mobile app’s payment process complicated? There may be thousands of reasons. But one thing’s for sure – you should prevent users from leaving their cart.

Push notifications again are a really successful way to remind users of the products in their cart. This tool gives you a better chance to increase your conversion rate. You can also send users email reminders to push them to complete their purchase. And by combining emails and push notifications in an omnichannel strategy, you’ll further boost your conversion rate. Have a look here to know more about it!

12. Retarget lost users

Let me guess what happened: some potential customers downloaded your app but didn’t take the action you’d suggested to them, right? And they stopped using your app, didn’t they? Then, you could try to reach them with ad campaigns, customized push notifications, and emails. For example, you could offer them a discount code to entice them to buy your products!

push notification for user inactivity

This way, you’ll grab their attention with interesting content, and they’ll be more likely to come back. These are all successful conversion rate optimization strategies!

Anyway, bear in mind that your loyal customers have a higher impact on your conversion rate than potential customers. Indeed, your loyal customers already trust your brand and are more likely to purchase your products. They may also contribute to promoting your app to their friends, boosting your business. And remember that acquiring a new customer is more expensive than retaining an existing one! Here we’ve outlined 7 successful strategies for user retention that can help you.

13. Analyze data and streamline your app’s functions

Analyzing data is extremely useful to understand what users and customers like and don’t like about your app and its functions. You need to carefully investigate users’ behavior and actions within your app to understand which elements you could improve. You should also take into account users’ reviews and feedback to know how you could streamline your app. These are all effective strategies for conversion rate optimization!

The more users like your app and benefit from using it, the higher the chances they’ll convert. Remember that you should update your app based on users’ needs and interests. This way, you’ll be successful!

Oh, and don’t forget to tell users about your amazing app updates! Do it with an in-app message, as in the example below!

new app version



Ready to increase your mobile app conversion rate? Here’s a brief recap of the strategies you should follow to achieve your goal:

  1. Make your app’s UI user-friendly to enhance UX.
  2. Impress users with an amazing onboarding experience.
  3. Highlight your value proposition.
  4. Customize messages for your users.
  5. Implement push notifications.
  6. Create effective CTAs.
  7. Leverage your social media channels.
  8. Display customer reviews.
  9. Make sign-up and purchase simple and fast.
  10. Focus on cross-selling and upselling.
  11. Reduce cart abandonment rate.
  12. Retarget lost users.
  13. Analyze data and streamline your app’s functions.

Now get on it!


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